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Willis Y.

Course Member

Hi Andrew,  Here is a copy of our first check after going through your wholesale course. Good stuff. Also received our 2nd check for $9,000.00

We will just keep repeating the process and prepare to cash more checks.

Thanks for putting together a course that brings results. 

If your playing with real-estate and you hit a snag, go see Mr Andrew Schlag, he'll show you how to put cash in the bag.

May God Bess you

Michael A.

Course Member

There's no way i could have done it without you. Deciding to enroll in the mentorship program was the best investment i have ever made.

I'll have to get on a live call to share the details, but the bottom line is i never would've gone on that appointment if not for you.  

I had  just about run out of marketing dollars and was 1,600 overdrawn when this deal came through.

Bellow is a picture of my online account and pictures of the house i got under contract for 130k and flipped for 165k.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

My 3 Main Focuses In Real Estate

Negotiating With Sellers

Deals Come From Talking On The Phone With Sellers. Let Me Show You How To Negotiate The Right Way!

Virtual Wholesaling

Real Estate Is More Fun & Exciting When You Can Invest All Over The Country Right From Your Own Home Town!

Finding Great Deals

Making Profits in Real Estate All Starts With Marketing To The Right People and Finding The Best Deals.

The Founder of Profit with Purpose - Andrew Schlag

When I started out, I knew very little about real estate. I grew up in construction and home remodeling but didn't know the other side of the market. The one thing I did know is that I wanted to build something that was mine.

So I set out to build my own business in real estate. And initially, I made a TON of mistakes and got involved in a bunch of losing deals.

It took a lot of upfront work but I eventually started to put the pieces together to a winning system to go from identifying properties, filling them and managing the cash flow in owning a business.

Using the system I developed, I now own more than $6,000,000 of mostly cash flowing real estate property.

Now, I'm peeling back the curtain and revealing my system to those that want to be successful with real estate investing. Whether looking to bring in a little extra money, or you want to hustle now so you can retire early, the principles and techniques are designed to work for you at your own pace.

If you aren't sure if real estate investing is right for you, click below for my free report on why real estate could be your key to reliable, passive income so you can retire early.

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Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide

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A full course filled with everything I have learned doing over 300 wholesale deals!
Access to every script, contract, marketing strategies, and resources I use everyday in my wholesaling business!

Free Virtual Wholesaling Webinar

Inside my free live training I outline my entire strategy for running a fully automated virtual wholesale business!

Perfect for new investors looking to learn how to get started with virtual wholesaling.
Learn my secrets to starting and running a automated wholesaling empire!

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