Discover My Bulletproof Method To Quickly & Easily Wholesale Houses Anywhere In The Country

Learn My Proven Method For Virtually Wholesaling Houses For Higher Profits

Imagine If You Could Change Your Business By Learning How To:

Wholesale Houses From Anywhere In The World
Get More Profit From Each Deal
Invest In The Most Profitable Cities
Have Your Own Wholesaling Machine Run On Autopilot
Have A Consistent Flow Of Leads And Deals
Quit Your Job And Live The Life You Want...

Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide Gives You Everything You Need To Build A Profitable Virtual Wholesaling Business

Meaning you can wholesale more houses in the most profitable markets.

Want to get more profit from each deal?

Learn how just one virtual wholesale deal can change your entire investing business forever!

Want to build an automated wholesaling business?

Learn how I'm actually doing what I teach by wholesaling houses in my own business.

Within this course, you're going to learn how you can make 6 figures or more in passive income with real estate investing as well as...

Deal Finding

My unique strategy for finding the best deals in your area FAST by utilizing the same tips and tricks that we work in our local markets...


Step-by-step training showing how to automate your entire business

Lead Generation

Full proof marketing strategy that makes motivated sellers come to you begging to you to buy their house


My most asked for training showing how to get sellers to say YES and sign the contract

Finding Buyers

My TRUE buyer training showing you where to find REAL buyers with funds to close fast

Quick Closing

How To Use My Quick Close method for closing fast and getting your check FAST!

This Works For All Investors No Matter How Much Experience You Have... Even if You Have Not Even Wholesaled Your First House!

If you are serious about investing, you can start wholesaling houses nationwide by following the lessons in my course. My methods and strategies are incredibly easy to use, even if you have never bought a house before. The best part is you will join a group of other investors looking to learn the secrets of virtual wholesaling. Together we work with each other so we can all grow and buy more houses!

With Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide You'll Get

Module 1

Find the best deals in your area FAST by utilizing the same tips and tricks that we work in our local markets...

Module 2

Find out how to prescreen potential sellers (and properties) without wasting time, effort, or energy.

Module 3

Learn how to make the right offer on a property (and what to do to get them under contract!)

Module 4

Discover how to find the right title company step by step, plus what's needed to get ready to sell...

Module 5

Learn how to sell FAST and have more buyers than you have houses for...

Module 6

I'll show you how to get your check FAST!  (there's an art to this, so pay attention!)

Module 7

Discover how to get your mindset right to create massive income fast!

Plus... You'll Also Get The Course Workbook!

Once inside, you'll be able to download our printable 45 page manual containing resources like:

The Daily Schedule Planner
The Wholesale Closing Call Script Template
The Real Estate Investing Goals Worksheet
The Financial Goal Planner
The Insider Resource List

To sweeten the deal, aside from all the valuable lessons mentioned above, you’ll also gain access to our Awesome Bonuses!

5-Figure Leads Video Masterclass

Bonus #1

Discover my Google and Facebook Ads system that gets motivated sellers calling you...  The same strategy that has tripled our income!

The "Complete A Deal" Voucher

Bonus #2

If you complete a deal within 90 days of enrolling in our program, you get 100% of your money back!

90-Day Access To Andrew For Deals (full-pay only bonus)

Bonus #3

If you take advantage of the full-pay option to join this program, you'll be able to use Andrew as needed for your deals!

Here's A Break Down of Everything You Get When you Join Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide Today!

Complete 7-Module Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide Course ($997 VALUE)
Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide Workbook ($97 VALUE)
5-Figure Leads Video Masterclass ($497 VALUE)

The "Complete A Deal" Voucher ($997 Value)
90-Day Access To Andrew For Deals ($1,997 VALUE)




ONLY $997

What Others Are Saying About The Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide Course

I wanted to write a testimonial for Andrew Schlag and his wholesale course

Virtual Wholesaling Nationwide. My husband and I have purchased 2 wholesale courses prior to Andrew's over the years, and have finally made deals after utilizing Andrew's course. 

The thing that separates this course from the others for us was:

1. The course is simple. You don't have a 1.5 inch binder chock full of stuff to go do a self study reading program on and then try and figure it out. You also don't have some online course with 100s of videos and have no clue where to start and have an overwhelming amount of stuff to process. Andrew keeps it simple and basic with easy to watch videos. Was able to complete the entire course in 1 day and get into action.

2. You get 90 days of email support with Andrew. I haven't seen any other wholesaling course out there where you get help directly from the "guru" himself. This has been invaluable.  The most recent wholesale deal we got was from using Andrew's marketing tips and advice from his course. It was a marketing method we hadn't utilized ever in the past and it has worked magic for us. This deal we earned 5K off of a 30K mobile home. It was easy, fast money. If you are considering Andrew's class, go for it. His mentorship via email is invaluable and this course will make wholesaling simple so you can go and take action asap.

Thank you Andrew!

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Danielle R.

Course Member

Have Andrew Mentor You ASAP!

There's no way i could have done it without you. Deciding to enroll in the mentorship program was the best investment i have ever made.

I'll have to get on a live call to share the details, but the bottom line is i never would've gone on that appointment if not for you.  

I had  just about run out of marketing dollars and was 1,600 overdrawn when this deal came through.

Bellow is a picture of my online account and pictures of the house i got under contract for 130k and flipped for 165k.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

I would definitely recommend to anyone who will listen to get a mentor ASAP

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Michael A.

Course Member

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I got a $9k check thanks to Andrew!

Hi Andrew, 

Here is a copy of our first check after going through your wholesale course. Good stuff. Also received our 2nd check for $9,000.00

We will just keep repeating the process and prepare to cash more checks.

Thanks for putting together a course that brings results. 

If your playing with real-estate and you hit a snag, go see Mr Andrew Schlag, he'll show you how to put cash in the bag.

May God Bess you


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Willis Y.

Course Member

2 Deals Over $11k Profit!

We finished the course in April. In July we closed one deal with a wholesale fee of $8200 and have one more deal at $3000 profit waiting to be closed within days. We also collected one deposit of $2500 from the buyer as he walked away from the deal last minute. Not a bad start, is it?

We applied some of the strategies and suggestions taught in the course as well as shared with us via email and a call as we had direct access to Andrew every time we struggled. This is to thank Mr Andrew Schalg for his availability, patience and all the feedback to get those deals across the line. Thank you!

If you are looking for a course that can get you a roadmap, a variety of tools and direct, full time assistance on how to get some cheques from wholesaling, this course is definitely something for you. Keep in mind, taking action and persistence are the key. Good luck!

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Mamun & Michael

Jitu Investment Group, LLC

Deal netted me 11k upfront and another 4700 a month!

Hello all my name is David I’m 22 years old from so cal and I’m Super excited to be doing my very first testimonial. I must’ve read at least a couple dozen of these before I joined the mentoring program and always thought of what I would say for my first testimonial. To be very honest I still can’t believe I'm finalizing my first deal.  

Working with the Andrew has truly been an honor and a blessing. Andrew has been exceptional he’s helped me with questions as early as six in the morning and as late as 9 PM at night even though he’s three hours ahead of my time. 

I was able to close on a sandwhich lease option!

That netted me 11k upfront and another 4700 a month( 1,916 NET CASHFLOW). This deal was a townhouse and the sellers were CPA’s who understood the benefits of collecting money later rather than now. It truly took allot of work but was smooth since I had experts backing me and helping me with any road block! This deal will pay for my mentor fee and for marketing to bring me more deals

God willing. Again I cannot say how truly grateful and blessed I am to be able to have great mentors and to get started on this journey has such a young age. Thank you Steaks on me when this COVID blows over !

Thank you

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David I.

Course Member

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Got My First Deal Done... $71k Profit!

Thank you all for helping achieve my 1st deal of $71,699.12 from a handwritten bandit sign that in my opinion at the time looked like a kid in kindergarten wrote it but then again in hindsight I guess they could read my handwriting after all... they were willing to sell it for what they owed and walk away from the house, I discovered later it was a pre foreclosure .  So I decided to do a Double closing instead of an assignment of contract because of the dollar amounts involved.  Turned out to be a good decision to make. 

I was nervous at first when I first started learning but I also knew I sucked but I knew I would suck less over time, until I got good.  I kept going until it happened despite ever present obstacles. And When I say kept on going, I mean lots of calling prospects and putting out lots of bandit signs over the months, an ongoing  war with the multiple self appointed sign police taking down my signs, lots of rejection, time wasters in the form of entitled sellers aka suspects, and being in competition with everybody, their mother and thier dog, for my first deal in a hot market where people were irrationality paying 20-25% above market (a good thng when selling a house when you are an investor), and not to mention my own excuses, fears and doubts fueled by negative people around me that I was dumb enough to open my mouth and tell them what I was doing. I kept my goal in mind and had my mentor to help me along the way.

Andrew Schlag, My Mentor, Thank you very much for being an excellent mentor and having faith in me.  I appreciate all you have done, especially answering my questions and doing three way calls with sellers, especially when I first started. And also encouraging me along the way ,it was highly appreciated. Having a mentor was extremely helpful, I look forward to continuing my success journey with you and I will do many, many, many more deals with your help, I look forward to it.  Thank you  Andrew.

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Kurt D.

Course Member

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Frequently asked questions

How is the course delivered?

There is both an instruction manual and video lessons inside the course.  Access to the membership area will be sent after enrollment.

How much time should I plan on...

Our best students dig into the course material and then put it into action quickly.  5-10 hours a week should be minimum.

Is there support?

Yes, absolutely.  You can send in a support email for anything related to course content or doing your own deals...

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